Do you want to engage Chinese consumers? Do you want to enter into a market of the world’s biggest Internet user base? if your answer is yes, then congratulations, it means that you’re mentally prepared for a market full of potential. Then step by step, the rest will not be difficult.

the first thing that you should know is that the Social media landscape in China is very unique: Just list the social media that don’t have access to China’s exploding social-media space: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter–the leading international social-media players are all blocked in China due to the Great Firewall. Simply copying the techniques that you use in other countries to Chinese market won’t work at all. Those who decide to give up this piece of cheese will see his great loss in the future: 2016 global social media advertising market reached 26.4 billion dollars, accounting for 13% of the global online advertising market. 2016 China social media advertising revenue has more than 3.7 billion yuan。

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While the second thing that you should know is that for the marketers who already have idea about how to market through social in any other country, the basic concepts (such as consumers’ decision making process) can be applied in a similar way also in China. Before taking actions, you need to develop a digital strategy around your business objective; to make an effective strategy, a thorough understanding about the social media space in China is indispensable .

Here is a quick look into two of the mainly social media marketing tools:

weibo Sina Weibo

A microblogging (weibo) website, Akin to a hybrid of sites Facebook and Twitter, is often referred to as the “Chinese Twitter” . With around 320 million active users, over 90% of them being on mobile devices. The number of average daily posts is 120 million, and that of video views on Weibo is 20 billion. According to China Internet Watch, 50% of its users take to E-Commerce sites after noticing relevant information, promotions and deals on Weibo.
1. You can define several features to find the target, including keywords, phrases, location, age, gender and interests and basic setup of features is simple
2. Ads will display on the page of the target clients as well as on the official account of Weibo.
3. Ads can be promoted repeatedly, thus can be widely spread.
4. Cost is calculated according to the CPM and CPE
1. Only original posts have access to the ads service within 15 days
2. For some industries, ads service is not available, for example, the pharmaceutical industry

d4f362716bf38abe7d85161d70486f2e WeChat

covers 61.9% of the Chinese netizens has more than 846 million monthly active users, making it the most popular social media platform in China. Although it’s relatively new in ads service, it lists No. 1 as to the time spent on Wechat per month, companies and individuals can open accounts on this platform to promote their messages and products.

  1. More user-friendly and more private, avoids unwanted disturbances
  2. High marketing messages arrival rate because of its one-to-one interactive
  3. Multi-functionality
  4. The Payment system allows sending money between individual users, very convenient for online shopping


  1. It’s a relatively closed relationship network, thus hard to grow fans
  2. Surveillance and limits, for example a company can have only one post per daysocial media