It seems that Wechat is stepping forward to becoming one and only app users will ever need.

It has been years that Wechat has the functionality called Wechat Voice Call, but in the new version 6.6.0, there has been a big change of Voice Call. In the past, if you were shopping in Taobao when somebody called you by wechat, very probably you would miss it. But today, even if your phone is locked, you can still recieve the voice call.

It is recognized as a revolutionary change in that with this change, there will be no difference between a voice call and a traditional phone call as long as the phone is connected with internet.

Let’s take a look into the main changes:

 Functionality The previous version Version 6.6.0
Voice Call when the phone is locked  you have to unlock the phone to answer the voice call.  no need to unlock the phone, the voice call will appear just like a normal phone call.
 when we wan’t to modify a mistyping already sent we have to go through the process of copying, recalling, pasting, editing and sending. we can select “re-edit”, and the old text will appear automatically, so you can modify  easily.
 Chat message  can’t be set as REMIND  can be set as REMIND
 Payment transactions  Not searchable within chat serches  Searchable within chat searches
 Overall search-ability of chat histories improved, details still to be seen
 Wchat ID  once set, cannot be modified  can be changed
 Notes Can be added in Favorites Notes in Favorites can be saved as a Photo.

An example of Re-edit funcitionality:

One thing to be mentioned is that, almost simultaneously, Sina Weibo also allowed to re-edit sent messages, just like Wechat do.

What’s more,  although not declared officially, some users of Wechat, after the latest update, found out that the Wechat ID can be modified. That’s a good news for many. One user said that she set Boyfriends’ phone number as Wechat ID. After that the boyfriend became ex, someone would still ask her: I called you, but strangely, it was a man to answer the phone. Maybe this is not typical, but to change the Wechat ID is what many users want to do.